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My Partner Zoe and I – in Brief!

We would like to say we are season pros and know everything within the home business market, drive fast cars and travel the world paid by the company however, that wouldn’t be ethical at all. As clear upfront expectations are our first point of call when introducing ourselves.

(Fitz) background has been in and around the catering trade, working up and down the UK with some fond times abroad. Helping to set businesses for other and myself, then moved into the wine industry.

Success has not always followed us like many other entrepreneurs, under the ice-berg lots of hard work and commitment is required “Has it been worth it? Yes, for sure”

I was exposed to the home business industry some years ago, and boy has it been an eye opener upon what can be achieved if applying the correct mindset of treating your business as a business.

Although we live in a great part of the UK / Devon, in an amazing home and a partner to die (Zoe) for! There’s one thing missing “Balance” however, month by month it gets closer and closer. Why? We are committed to each other and our business with the key aim of helping others achieve their full potential within this industry, it is not easy but worth it.

Being part of an international business community is just empowering which has enabled us to divert our business commitments and focus towards our amazing life changing opportunity. An opportunity that must be viewed in full.

The industry we are currently in brings it’s many challenges but provides the personal growth within one to appreciate the things that they have already achieved along with the people around them.

Although for us life is about making an impact and not just about making money, granted we need it but it’s nothing without the people around them. It’s a shame that all too often others discourage us and we become conditioned to believe that we cannot have the things that we want and deserve in life.

This has always been the case from generation to generation. As is the 40-year plan… work hard for 40 years with the hope of a pension that will keep you within the lifestyle your come accustomed too. You can accomplish the things to you desire if you only just believe in yourself, along with finding something that fulfils your desires, you’ll need an open mind and willing to be coached and gain new skill sets.

We are continuing to build our business and keen to speak to people with the willingness, the desire and commitment to coach and build their own team. Information is key for work life balance.

Friendship, love, living life sure needs working at.

Hi I’m Fitz, I love life and the many challenges it brings the glass is always half full with me I am a great optimist that looks forward to each day and what it will bring. Although I take my trade seriously I’m always up for a laugh and find the humour in anything hence me sometimes putting my foot in it.
My background has been in and around the catering / wine industry for some 25 years …working up and down the UK; along with some great times abroad.    Being with my 2nd partner Zoe for some time now has given me a new lease of life to enjoy life but I have one burning desire to obtain “Life-Choices” a work life balance.

Zoe and I are both growing network marketers building a national and international business with a team of like minded independent home business owners.  Our business Azure Lifestyle Management is an independent business that is privileged to work within the Network Marketing Arena.

Our aim is to inform key individuals who are looking for a change of direction in their live or careers,  helping people achieve the very best out of their careers to help them gain the lifestyle they’re looking for.   I truly believe that this trade can give you the stepping stones to achieve the things you desire in life.

We continue to build our business and are keen to speak to people with the wiliness, desire and commitment to coach and build their own team. This can be done alongside your current commitments until the time is right for you to have the opportunity leave your current position and pursue and receive the rewards of being a personal business coach/ mentor.

This is a people business and will only work for those who are truly looking for a change within their life / working careers however, we understand it’s not for everyone.  It is a business that is changing many lives and needs investigating in full to enable you to get the facts about how this trade can fit in with your current commitments.

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