Once your order has been recieved you will be entered into our competition to win 2 Helo LX Plus health bands.  

We will be placing all BioZen orders at the end of the 10 day promotion ending on 14th February 2018.  Please allow 2 weeks after the end of the promotion to recieve your BioZen and if you are our lucky winner your 2 Helo LX Plus Health Bands


Electrosmog influence on the human body, with long lasting exposure of technical electromagnetic radiation changes cel mechanism and can lead to imbalance, and finally to illness.

Place a BioZen sticker on the following to protect you and your family from long term effects:

  • Wireless Router: Fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties
  • Mobile Phones: Dizziness, nausea, heart palpatations
  • Computers and Monitors; Inner agitation, daytime sleepiness

Helo LX Plus

Change your behaviours with the Life Sensing Technology

  • Monitor your Bio Parameters 24/7
  • Take care of your loved ones
  • Read and compare your data and reports
  • New for 2018 – Monitor Blood Sugar Trend


Entry into the competition requires minumum purchase of Option 1 or above.  All orders are pre-paid through Paypal.   All orders will be placed after the end of the promotion 14th Febraury and dispatched accordingly. Please allow 2 weeks to recieve.