The Rise of The Home Based Business Sector

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Britain’s homes are alive with the sound of business, but if your someone who doesnt think they posses the skills or talent to go it alone and create a product from your kitchen table and are looking to grab hold of the tail feather of an emerging market then you have come to the right place.    Granted you need to have some fire in your belly to succeed at anything but if you have a glimmer of entrepreneurship in those embers of yours we can help you!

When looking at joing any home-based business model it pays to do your own due diligence getting the correct information that fits in with your own commitments and ethics.

But first…. Per-Forbes enterprise magazine 2016

£94 billion was raised through home-based business, which is slightly under 6% of the total value of British businesses and that’s those who have registered and put their returns in.

1 in 2 new business are home-based (whether trade sector or direct selling)

So, it’s vital that within the home-based industry to take stock upon what’s on offer and most of all the true implications of the outcome if you take your chosen business seriously, 3.5 million UK individuals work from home in a business capacity “us included”

Considerations when looking at home based opportunity’s

  • Market sector niche, longevity, innovative
  • Expertise within the management/ owners/sponsor’s
  • Operational practices and ethics
  • Products: do you like them will you use them and are they needed?
  • Back up and distribution, back office support
  • Compensation plan (how you get paid): easy to follow and achievable as this is one of the reasons why we all work so hard.
  • Financial status of the company “are they a stable and a viable company”

I’m privileged in saying we tick all the above and more

So, we make no bones that we are looking for career-focused individuals looking to help, spearhead and lead a company that has really set this home business market alive and by viewing the full information here followed by, hooking up on Skype / Phone / Face to face you get the full picture if this business fits in with you.

Introducing the worlds first in Wearable Technology 

4 key Questions to ask yourself?                                             

 1.    Did you know during an average Britain’s working life  Mr or Miss Average will rack up 9,024 hours of unpaid overtime, take 94 days of sick and work for six different employers.  The Telegraph did an amazing report on the habit of us hard work brits and well worth a read HERE                                                          

2.    How will your life be different in a year?  Think about what’s not perfect in your world, whether it’s a self-destructive habit, burdensome debt, loneliness or anything else.   Considering that it takes 28 days to change an ingrained behaviour, resolve to invest one month in doing things differently.                    

3.  How often do you make career decisions based on what others think? Do you care what others think? You may say no, but the day-to-day reality s that you do. We all do, it’s part of our nature. However, making decisions based on what others think will lead you to stray from the work or life that is right for you. For your next big or small decision, analyse your motivations: are your intentions pure, or do they simply stem from a desire to look good to other? 

4. What is a primary fear that is holding you back? Let’s cut the bullshit and get real. We constantly hold ourselves back out of fear but we fail to stop and identify that fear. Figure this out, I am willing to bet it’s a fear of failure, a fear of not being good enough or a fear of the worst-case scenario. These things are always possible, but so are the alternatives. “Your version of success being capable” and the best-case scenario. Living a life having faced your fears is far more exciting than hiding them. Figure out yours and get busy facing them.

Listen!! How you make your money is more important to how much you make.

Like most we far too often turn down an opportunity without understanding or finding out in full what’s on offer: but we are willing to work 9024 hours unpaid “crazy”

Earning Potential, Rewards and Support

This opportunity holds no cap on your earnings, however hard work and commitment apply.

We work on a 2 to 5-year plan with the following expectations when fully engaging in the team strategy plan:

  • Year 1 -2 £25k-£35K plus
  • Year 2-3 £35- £100k plus
  • Year 3-5 £150k -£350k plus
  • And of course, like any company, there are exceptions to the rule and a handful setting this industry alight with their current earnings well above expectations.

“Important Notices”

Practicality dictates that everyone’s results will vary as we are all unique and different. It takes hard work and dedication to make a substantial income in this business and some will make no money at all! For the full income disclosure please visit


Free to register: (Azurelife)     Customer Product packs: $600 – $3,400

Personal Development

We are part of an international home based business community with key individual’s bringing their skill sets to one table. Training/ Support / Advice by 6 figure earners in this industry whether online / Skype / Zoom/ or face to face we are here to help the community thrive.

The strategy behind our business is and always will be focused on our people; with personal development taking key priority, so we understand every individual has his or her own pace of taking on a new skill set, so you set your own pace in regard to how far you wish to take this opportunity and how much you earn.

Being part of the Ucan2 business community is just empowering which has enabled us to take a back seat on one or two business commitments as our key focus is this amazing life-changing opportunity. An opportunity that must be seen in full.

A little about us Zoe (link) and Fitz (link)

So, what happens next?

We make no bones about our aim in finding the correct independent business partners, this is a challenging business sector and only those who are willing to work hard and be committed to their personal goals will succeed, these coming 2 to 3 years are pinnacle growth years.

So, for those who see the vision will not only make a financial change in their lifestyle but will empower those around them.  

Does This Sound Of Interest?   Then we’d like to connect with you on a 1:1  basis and take you through a full overview and potential of helping you get out of the rat race.  Contact us with the best contact details along with the best time to speak over the next 48 hours.  

*Final note: It’s important at this stage you understand that this is a business in the early stages of growth and requires hard work and dedication to succeed. 

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